XY Plus (12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite)

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XY Plus (Hypo)

(Contains 13% Sodium Hypochlorite)                 

  1. Sanitizing Equipment:- use 200ml per 100L or potable water to sanitize previously cleaned and rinsed equipment. Allow contact time of 5 minutes.
  2. Swimming Pool:- to remove microbial contamination of water supplies to produce potable water, add 5 to 25ml per 1000L water as appropriate. Allow 20 min minimum contact time. Test water next day for residual chlorine level. Target is a minimum of 0.05ppm. If product is older than 6 months from label date code available chlorine may be low. Use rate should be increased to ensure sufficient residual .
  3. Environmental Cleaning:- mix ratio of 2 parts of potable water to 1 part XY-Plus to work for at least 10 minutes . Thoroughly rinse with clean potable water. Some particularly heavily soiled areas may require some scrubbing.

Will remove moss, algae, mold, milk fats and prevent concrete slipperiness.