Wax Remover

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A fast acting wax and grease remover for use in cleaning panels at various stages of refinishing and painting.
“Wax Remover” will remove heavy contamination such as wax, grease, oil, tar, and road grime. It will also clean less obvious contaminants such as finger marks and silicone which can cause defects in refinishing.
“Wax Remover” is particularly suited to 2Pack, Acrylic, Auto Enamel and Quick Dry paint systems.

Use over bare metal before application of primers. Also use after sanding and prior to application of topcoats.
Use a clean cloth and apply generously to the surface. Wipe small areas at a time , then dry with a separate clean cloth. Do not allow the “Wax Remover” to dry on the surface. Use lint free rags and replace regularly to avoid spreading contamination.