Urinal Deodorising Blocks, Tablets, Toilet Tabs, Toilet Lollies

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“TOILET & URINAL DEODORISING TABLETS” are Para dichlorobenzene free and they only contain enzyme phosphates.
“TOILET & URINAL DEODORISING TABLETS” are based on 99% Biodegradable surfactants, which have proven to be economical over Para dichlorobenzene based blocks with only two required for a standard 3-foot urinal.

“TOILET & URINAL DEODORISING TABLETS” are the safest and most user-friendly deodorisers available and will not reform
or block up drains.

Place “TOILET & URINAL DEODORISING TABLETS” between 1 to 1.5 meters apart in urinals and above cisterns and other appropriate places in toilet areas.

“TOILET & URINAL DEODORISING TABLETS” are also ideal in shoe closets and wardrobes.

HAZARDOUS according to criteria of Work safe Australia.

Read SDS before opening or using.