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Ultrasonic Cleaner, Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid, Ultrasonic Cleaning Liquid

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“Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid” is a concentrated mixture , carefully designed to be used in ultrasonic tanks.

“Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid” Particularly effective in cleaning ferrous parts of internal combustion engines, Removes carbon, paint, rust and lead deposits.

Heavy-Duty Ultrasonic & Immersion Cleaner Cleans Stubborn Greases, Carbon & Other Difficult Soils on Steel, Aluminium & Most Common Substrates

This heavy-duty detergent provides aggressive cleaning for the most tenacious soils and broad compatibility with steel, aluminium, It is the ideal detergent for automotive rebuild and other heavy-duty immersion cleaning processes.



Light Soils           5%    1:20    50ml/L

Normal Soils       10%   1:10   100ml/L

Heavy Soils          15%   1:7    150ml/L


Not suitable for use with zinc . Do not use on or near glass or clear plastics (may cause smearing), fabric, suede, woven materials or paint