Soaking Powder (Hospital Grade)

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“Soak & Clean Powder” is a highly effective, broad spectrum bacterial, cleaner / sanitiser. It provide exceptionally fast penetration and free rinsing properties, specially formulated for use in Restaurants, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Motels, swimming pools.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For sinks, baths, shower recesses and stainless steel benches, basin. Sprinkle on wet cloth / sponge or onto moistened surface to be cleaned. Rub then rinse and wipe dry. Soaking Powder is also ideal for de-staining and soaking of cutlery, dishes and glass wear in kitchen.

General Cleaning: Mix 10 grams per litre of water.

Light Cleaning: Mix 5 grams per litre of water.
For toilet bowls. Tile Walls and floors, Baths and showers, clean with a suitable detergent prior to using soaking powder. Disinfect with a 4 g/l solution (1:250) of soaking powder in water at ambient temperatures. Apply with mop, sponge, cloth or swab.