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Paint Stripper (Liquid)

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A a fast-acting solvent-based paint and varnish remover

Removes all household oil and water-based paints and most industrial, marine and automotive finishes.
• Apply a thick, even coat of undiluted at least 2.5mm thickness, with a paint brush.
• Allow up to 15 minutes for the paint to completely blister and soften, before removing with a scraper or steel wool
• Some water based paints may not blister and should be removed by scraping. A repeat application maybe required, depending on
the number of paint layers present.
• The surface can be scrubbed, using warm water. If the surface is sensitive to water, such as any wooden surfaces, causing grain of wood
to rise and swell, wash with methylated spirits instead.
• Allow the surface to dry thoroughly and remove any residue by sanding before repainting.
• Can also be used to restore hardened paint brushes.
• Wash application brush in water. Screw on lid tightly after use.

Coverage: 0.5m2 per litre (approximately)

NOTE: Not suitable for application to fibreglass, P.V.C, acrylics, linoleum, rubber or plastics.Will not remove Kalsomine,

penetrating stains, and some specialist industrial finishes. May darken some timbers. If clear finishing, first test
stripper on an inconspicuous area.

• For outdoors only – Dichloromethane vapour is harmful to health on prolonged exposure. Move item to be stripped to an open, shady outdoor area to ensure adequate ventilation.

• Avoid inhaling fumes. Wear gloves. STORAGE: Store container in a cool place to avoid pressure build-up. Store and use away from naked flame, radiators etc.