Mineral Turpentine (Turps)

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Mineral Turpentine is one of the most widely used hydrocarbon solvents since it combines good solvency with controlled evaporation.

Appearance: Clear, Pale Yellow Liquid

Uses: Mineral Turpentine for thinning paints, waxes and polishes, metal cleaning and clean up brushes and equipment after painting.

* A mid range evaporation rate.
* Good solvency for oils, greases, waxes, silicone etc.
* Relatively low cost.
* No residue on drying.

* Versatility – Mineral Turpentine can be included in any formulation where controlled evaporation is required. It is miscible with all other organic solvents.
* Solvency – Mineral Turpentine has good solvency for greases, oils and general dirt as well as alakyd resins in enamel paints.