Loo Blue (Portable Toilet Treatment)

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“LOO BLUE” is a highly concentrated and very effective broad-spectrum sanitiser and odour control portable toilets.
Use for the treatment of human wastes in open pans, chemical toilets portable recirculating toilets and waste holding tanks.

Chemical Toilet Additive: Dose toilet holding tanks at the rate of 80ml -120ml every 2 to 4 weeks.
During warmer weather or periods of heavy usage, the dose may need to be repeated weekly.
Sanitising: Dilute 1:200 (5ml/Litre) with water and use with mop and bucket.
Kill Odour: Use Neat.
Do not mix with detergents or other chemicals and discard diluted solutions after use.
“LOO BLUE” can also be used as general cleaning sanitiser on hard surfaces such as floors, walls, toilets, bathrooms, drains, garbage bins etc.