Kerosene, Kerosene Blue, Heating Fuel

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Kerosene is a medium-low aromatic solvent. It combines good solvency for solvent degreasing applications.
Kerosene can be used effective low-cost cleaning is required. It is the slow drying solvent degreaser for heavy work.

* Flash Point 40 degrees C – Dangerous Goods regulated product.
* Boiling Range -Slight oily, slow β€œtail”.
* Slow evaporation rate
* Good solvency for many organic compounds.
* Minimum residue on drying
* Competitively priced to dry on the surface. Use lint-free rags and replace them regularly to avoid spreading contamination.
* Versatility – Kerosene can include any formulation where controlled evaporation is required; it is miscible
* with all other organic solvents.
* Solvency – Kerosene has good solvency for greases, oils, and many other organic compounds.
* User Friendly – Kerosene's lower aromatics content makes its use much more pleasant than solvents with high aromatics.