Envirosafe (Extra Strength Cleaner)

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“Enviro Safe” is a completely and rapidly biodegradable cleaner and broad-spectrum disinfectant.

“Enviro Safe” contains naturally derived solvent, blended vegetable oil surfactants and phosphate-free water conditioners and dispersants. “Enviro Safe” is very concentrated and provides rapid penetration and removal of soiling on any washable surface.

“Enviro Safe” is seawater compatible for marine applications.

Instructions: Dilute accordingly and spray, brush or soak. Allow dwelling for 1-2 minutes then rinse or wipe off. For food, surfaces rinse thoroughly with potable water. Before using strong concentrations test fabrics and colour fastness and for any effect on old paintwork. Due to the effectiveness of this cleaner/ degreaser, we recommend wearing gloves.

Properties: Appearance: Bright yellow clear liquid.

Odour: Pleasant citrus characteristic Specific Gravity@ 20 degrees C:1.065 pH at a typical solution of 1:20=12.2 Non-Flammable. Rapidly free. Compatible and effective with seawater. Disinfectant and deodorant. Concentrated.