Enviro Wool Wash (Eucalyptus Wool Wash Liquid)

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“Enviro Wool Wash” provides special care for woolen garments, leaving them clean and soft with a fresh fragrance of eucalyptus. “Enviro Wool Wash” has a delicate formulation to allow you to wash your other delicates such as your lingerie, lace, washable silk, chiffon etc

Directions for use:

Hand washing: Use 30 to 50 mls per litre of warm water, mix thoroughly before immersing garment.

Woollens: Gently squeeze the solution through the garment and soak for 5 minutes. Rinse if desired and then towel or spin dry.

Delicates: Gently squeeze the solution through the garment. Rinse thoroughly in luke warm water and dry.

Machine Washing: Use 75 mls for front loader and 125ml for top loader. Only machine wash garments that are labelled as such and use the wool/gentle cycle.
Do not tumble dry or use heat. Support the garment so that it cant stretch under its own weight.