Dish washing Liquid Concentrate (Lemon)

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“Dish washing liquid” is a biodegradable, Neutral detergent for dish wash and general-purpose cleaning. “Dish Washing liquid” is ideal for restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias, sports clubs, motels, hotels, guest houses, retirement villages, and schools, etc.

Properties: Yellow Liquid Rapidly Biodegradable
Free Rinsing
Easy On Hands (contains glycerine)
Dries Streak Free
Effective in Hard Water & Seawater Non-Corrosive

Method of Use:
1.For hand/machine washing of crockery, cutlery, and cooking utensils, use 25-30 ml to 5 litres of hot water.
2. For washing surfaces such as floors, painted walls, tabletop use 30 ml to 5 litres of warm water.
3. For more heavily soiled
applications increase
concentration as required.