Dishwashing Liquid Concentrate (Lemon)

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“Dish washing liquid” is biodegradable, Neutral detergent for dish wash and general purpose cleaning. “Dish Washing liquid” is ideal for restaurant, hospitals, cafeteria, sports clubs, motels, hotels, guest houses, retirement villages and schools etc.

Properties: Rapidly Biodegradable
Non Flammable
Free Rinsing
Easy On Hands (contains glycerine)
Non Toxic
Dries Streak Free
Effective in Hard Water & Seawater Non Corrosive

Method of Use:
1.For hand/machine washing of crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils, use 25-30 mls to 5 litres of hot water.
2. For washing surfaces such as floors, painted walls, table top use 30 mls to 5 litres of warm water.
3. For more heavily soiled applications increase concentration as required.