Dishwashing De Scaler

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Directions of Use:
  • Turn off the automatic detergent dispenser.
  • Fill the wash tank with water.
  • For single-stage machines add 2.5 Litres of “Dish Washing Machine De-Scaler” to the wash tank solution, for large machines add 4 Litres.
  • Re-circulate the Dish Washing Machine De-Scaler wash for as long as necessary to remove visible scale build-up.
  • Drain wash tank.
  • Refill machine with freshwater, re-circulate this water for 2 to3 minutes and then drain.
  • Refill with fresh water.
  • Turn on the automatic detergent dispenser and re-circulate the wash tank for 5 minutes.
  • Drain solution.
  • The machine is now ready for normal use.