Carpet Cleaner

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This product is a professional “CARPET CLEANER” formulated specifically for use with hot water extraction machines and systems. “CARPET CLEANER” contains a highly active and finely balanced detergent system designed to quickly wet, soften, emulsify and dislodge a wide spectrum of occupational soils commonly present in carpets and rugs.

Directions for use:
For application in standard hot water extraction machine, use “CARPET CLEANER” at a concentration of 1:80 parts of water, then add to solution tank. Pre-tank dirt spots and marks before cleaning, using a carpet spotter. Pre spray areas of heavily soiled carpets with solution of “GROOM ALL” detergent (1:20 parts of water) to loosen imbedded soil and remove malodours before proceeding with the overall cleaning. After cleaning allow carpet to dry, then dry vacuum to reset the pile.