Bull Bar & Mag Wheel Cleaner

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DESCRIPTION : “Bull Bar & Mag Cleaner” is an almost colourless, heavily concentrated, non-viscous liquid especially formulated for cleaning and brightening of aluminium and stainless steel surfaces, removing heavy oxide film and other unwanted coatings. This product is most commonly used on aluminium containers used in the transport industry and the exterior surfaces of stainless steel and aluminium equipment used in the food processing industry.

Directions of Use: (Vehicles & Machinery)
Apply the diluted “Bull Bar & Mag Cleaner” to the surface by brushing or spraying, working from the bottom upwards (to avoid streaking). Small areas aprox. 7-9 squares meters should only be undertaken and rinsed off thoroughly, after allowing a 1-2 meter contact period. A dilution rate of 1:10 and up to 1:25 may be used, which will vary with the above contract period.

Regular maintenance application of 1:40 is recommended after the initial cleaning.
(Immersion Cleaning) Dilute at a rate of 1:20 up to 1:100 in cold water and immerse for 30 seconds up to 6 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use a PVC or rubber lined tank.