Bleach – Heavy Duty (12.5%)- XY PLUS

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“XY PLUS” is a clear liquid with a typical pungent chlorine. “XY PLUS” is an undiluted Sodium Hypochlorite product with many uses such as stain removal, kitchen and bathroom hygiene, general disinfecting, mildew and mould removal and laundry hygiene.
However fabric damage may occur if the strength is not strictly controlled.

Methods Of Use:

Sanitizing Equipment:- use 200ml per 100L or potable water to sanitize previously cleaned and rinsed equipment. Allow contact time of 5 minutes.

Swimming Pool: to remove microbial contamination of water supplies to produce potable water, add 5 to 25ml per 1000L water as appropriate. Allow 20 min minimum contact time. Test water next day for residual chlorine level. Target is a minimum of 0.05ppm. If product is older than 6 months from label date code available chlorine may be low. Use rate should be increased to ensure sufficient residual.

Environmental Cleaning: mix ratio of 2 parts of potable water to 1 part “XY PLUS” to work for at least 10 minutes. Thoroughly rinse with clean potable water. Some particularly heavily soiled areas may require some scrubbing.“XY PLUS” will remove moss, algae, mold, milk fats and prevent concrete slipperiness.