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Kerosene is a medium- low aromatic solvent. It combines good solvency for solvent degreasing applications.
Kerosene can be used effective low cost cleaning is required. It is the slow drying solvent degreaser for the heavy work.

* Flash Point 40 degrees C – Dangerous Goods regulated product.
* Boiling Range -Slight oily, slow “tail”.
* Slow evaporation rate
* Good solvency for many organic compounds.
* Minimum residue on drying
* Competitively priced to dry on the surface. Use lint free rags and replace regularly to avoid spreading contamination.
* Versatility – Kerosene can be include any formulation where controlled evaporation is required; it is miscible
* with all other organic solvents.
* Solvency – Kerosene has good solvency for greases, oils and many other organic compounds.
* User Friendly – Kerosene lower aromatics content makes its use much more pleasant than solvents with high aromatics.