Spray & Wipe

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“Spray & Wipe” is a biodegradable liquid cleaner, degreaser, and broad-spectrum disinfectant.
“Spray & Wipe” is an organic solvent that contains blended vegetable oil surfactants.
“Spray & Wipe” can also be used for marine applications. The quickness and effectiveness of “Spray & Wipe” are amazing.
INSTRUCTIONS: Dilute “Spray & Wipe” accordingly with water and apply to all soiled areas or equipment leave for 2 to 5 minutes and hose off with strong water pressure or wipe off. Before using strong concentrations test fabrics, carpets, vinyl for colour fastness and for any effect on old paintwork. We recommend wearing gloves due to the effectiveness of this product.

APPEARANCE: Clear Golden Liquid Odour: Citrus Rapidly biodegradable. Phosphate-free Non Toxic Non-Flammable