Truck Brite (Truck Wash)

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“TRUCK BRITE” is designed for vehicle cleaning through high pressure spray equipment although manual application can be used successfully. Its application is quick, efficient and economical.

Truck Brite contains a blen of detergents with TFR that cut rapidly through road film and exerts powerful emulsifying action. It also contains corrosion inhibitors and an antistat to reduce subsequent dirt pick up and / or corrosion. Truck brite is completely biodegradable.

Applications: Cars, Buses, Trucks, Motorcycles etc.
Instructions: Optimum cleaning is achieved by foam spraying the entire vehicle from the bottom up and leaving for approximately 10 minutes.

The pressure rinse from bottom up with the nozzle outlet 15-30 cm away from the vehicle surface.

Dilution ratio of up to 1:40 parts water is suggested.