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TapCap, Tap Cap Aeroflow Drum Tap 58mm suit 20L, 25L & 15L Cube, Captap

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Cap n Tap Aeroflow Drum Tap 58mm to suit 20L Cube

  • Designed to fit 15L/20L/25L Cube with 58mm neck
  • Makes decanting easy and safe with less chance of spilling and wastage
  • Self-venting to provide "glug" free dispensing

58mm Aeroflow Cap Tap is a self-venting tap that attaches to the top of a rigid plastic cube container and allows the container to be laid on its side for dispensing purposes.

Outlet rotates to orient in correct position.
Flow rate is 70ml/second (water viscosity).
LLDPE body, PP spigot, Food grade with wide chemical compatibility.
To facilitate spray bottle filling, attach clip-on nozzle to reduce outlet to 12mm if filling into a narrow opening. Or use Smooth Flow Tap (12mm outlet) versions.
For safety and to prolong the life of your taps we recommend always returning the container to the upright position when not in use.