Carby Cleaner

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EnviroChem’s THROTTLE BODY & CARBY CLEANER is professionally formulated to safely blast away gum and varnish from air throttle plates and throttle plate shafts. EnviroChem’s Throttle Body & Carby Cleaner helps restore engine performance, by quickly removing cylinder carbon, gums and varnishes from the carburetor and air horn assembly, restoring carburetor efficiency without the need to dismantle.
Features: A flammable solvent soluble in water, alcohol and other hydrocarbons.
Widely available with extensive on-hand information.
Benefits: EnviroChem’s Throttle Body & Carby Cleaner is professionally formulated to provide the following benefits:

• Cleans air throttle plates and throttle plate shafts.

• Safely blasts away gum and varnish deposits.
• Improves airflow for smoother idling.
• Restores fuel economy.
• Lubricates air-intake throttle plates.
• Protects against rust and corrosion.
• Stops engine knock and run-on.
• Reduces exhaust emissions and octane requirement.
• Dissolves and removes external and internal carburetor deposits.
• Restores proper carburetor operation and efficiency.
• Frees sticking automatic choke assemblies.
• Cleans positive crankcase ventilating valves.
• Assures proper air/fuel ratios.
• Eliminates engine surging, stalling and hesitation.
• Restores lost power.
• Contains no CFC’s which have been proven to be harmful to the ozone layer.
• Safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. Inhaled or absorbed through the skin.