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Glass Washing Detergent


Available in 20L.

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DESCRIPTION: “Glass Washing Liquid” is a odourless, mildly alkaline liquid detergent formulated specifically for use in glass washing machines. It incorporates low-foaming surfactants with a remarkable ability to restore badly stained and dirty glasses to a sparkling condition, sequestering agents which prevent ‘ambering’ of glasses due to a disposition of water hardness, salts and drying agent which promotes rapid shedding of water resulting in streak-free sparkling glassware, completely without residual odour.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Best results will be obtained when dilution rates recommend for individual machines are observed. These are set out below.
All machines should be set to operate at a minimum temperature of 75ºC.

AUTOMATIC: Dilute “Glass Washing Liquid” 1:5 with water and add to the detergent tank.

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