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Carpet Cleaner


Available in 5L, 20L.

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DESCRIPTION: This product is a professional “CARPET CLEANER” formulated specifically for use with hot water extraction machines and systems. “CARPET CLEANER” contains a highly active and finely balanced detergent system designed to quickly wet, soften, emulsify and dislodge a wide spectrum of occupational soils commonly present in carpets and rugs.

Directions for use:
For application in standard hot water extraction machine, use “CARPET CLEANER” at a concentration of 1:80 parts of water, then add to solution tank. Pre-tank dirt spots and marks before cleaning, using a carpet spotter. Pre spray areas of heavily soiled carpets with solution of “GROOM ALL” detergent (1:20 parts of water) to loosen imbedded soil and remove malodours before proceeding with the overall cleaning. After cleaning allow carpet to dry, then dry vacuum to reset the pile.


5L, 20L

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